Brad Hamers

Art as a paradigm shifting tactic.

Cat Child

c-t ch-ld
Label: Shrine13
Format: Digital EP
Country: USA
Released: Jan. 2017
Genre: Art-Pop, Experimental, Psychedelic

All songs written and performed by Cat Child:
Cypress - Vocals, Synth, Dulcimer, Keyboard, Guitar, Beats
JDaugh - Synth, Keyboard, Vocals
Brad Hamers - Synth, Keyboard, Vocals
Track 4 contains excerpts of poetry by JDaugh and Brad Hamers as well as a quote from The Living Theatre.
Produced & Mixed by Cypress Atlas and Brad Hamers
Mastered by Jon Elfers in Newark, DE
Album Art by Cypress
From Cypress:
“Endless thanks to Jessica and Brad for their support, inspiration, counsel, coffee, marijuana, and love”.
This EP was recorded at Shrine13 in Portland, OR on thanksgiving weekend, November 2016.

It is a call to arms to the cat children of the world. May we unite against the forces which will try to muffle our meows.

Cat Child is a music project by New Orleans-based multimedia artist Cypress Atlas. Cypress is a performance artist and writer and the founder of the Vanishing Performance Festival as well as a co-founder of The Corrijeune Collective.