Brad Hamers

Art as a paradigm shifting tactic.

Child of No Nation

Child of No Nation
Label: Shrine13
Format: Digital EP
Country: USA
Released: Dec. 2016
Genre: Experimental, Surreal

Vocals/Lyrics: Leah V Bachar
Music/Vocals/Production/Mixing: Brad Hamers
Music/Vocal: Cypress Atlas
Music/Vocals:Jessica Daugherty
Mastering: Julian Silva
Album Art: Murat Kahya
Recorded at Shrine13. Portland, OR
A collaborative EP made in 3 days in 2016 at Shrine13 studio in Portland, OR. Child of No Nation (CNN) is the brain-child of Leah V Bachar aka La Panica... ...
“Birthed out of the cracks and crevices that exist between the stronghold of capitalism and commercialism, the performance collective Child of No Nation finds inspiration and fuel in the mystery and madness that exists outside the castle walls.
An artistic revolution is happening out there right now, a transmutation of passions and ideals, and thavmeans society is changing as well. Artistic expression is beginning to once again realize the responsibility it has to serve the community. We have been intentionally oversaturated by mass media and we must rise up out of this externally induced coma and create the world we want to live in. We must find our way back to that surreal animal soul scream that exists inside every one of us. It is time to rise up on all fronts and prepare for what is to come. This happening is the sound of the people rising up. Now more than ever we must point to the truth of where we are. Truth births power. Power births freedom. “

Child Of No Nation is a newborn from Leah V Bachar, New York experimental performance artist and poet,
together with Portland artists Brad Hamers (Through Flames, Phlegm, Two Ton Sloth), Jessica Daugherty (jdaugh, Through Flames), and Cypress Atlas (Cat Child) of New Orleans , all once members of the oldest experimental performance collective, The Living Theatre. They are all now founding members of the new performace collective, Al Límite, coming to you alive and radicalized.


The Children - Short Experimental Documentary Collage from JDaugh on Vimeo.

The song, The Children was created by Leah, Brad, jdaugh and Cypress in June, 2017 for the Children of No Nation show/experimental-container at Folktek’s  Impossible Box in Portland, OR.

(still frames from video by Big Pauper, Children of No Nation live at Impossible Box, Portland, OR. 2017)