Brad Hamers

Art as a paradigm shifting tactic.

Through Flames

photo by Adam Johnson
(photo by Adam Johnson)

Through Flames is an experimental sound collaboration borne from exquisite corpses, radical participatory theatre, (out)spoken word, and love. Theirs is art for all those who have burned and all those rising.

A new project created by Brad Hamers, the prolific spoken wordsmxn, poet, musician, performance artist, collage artist and mental gymnast (Dust on Snow, Phlegm, Two Ton Sloth...) and the filmmaker, poet, musician and performance artist, jdaugh.

Each track on their debut LP is the outcome of a unique writing and vocal exercise resulting in non traditional song structures and unexpected “experimental sorrow-pop” excursion with lyrical detours and sanguine lullabies. Best when heard through headphones and reading along to the words.    #agit-pop #outspokenword #gocopless 

“Welcome to the new dystopia!” -(Last Day Deaf .com) 


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(photo by Joel Barber at the Children of No Nation’s Experimental Container at the Impossoble Box, Portland, OR. 2017)