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Art as a revolutionary tactic.

Al Límite Liminal Archive

Al Límite Liminal Archive - Act I: This is the End - PrologueBorn between a pandemic and an uprisingAn international collaboration and co-created performanceWith text by artists from around the globeForged in the virtual realm and bubbling up from the surface into the streetsAl Límite, un colectivo de artistas que están al límite, who reject borders, prisons and state repression, and seek liberation and justice for all people so that every voice can be heard and expressed fully. We are at the limit.In the spirit of anarchist co-creation e rebelião, the Liminal Archive is a collection of our discontents and our spells for reinvigoration of Earth and humanity.We are happy to announce our first project by the collective, Al Límite.



AL LIMITE LIMINAL ARCHIVES ACT 1 (This is the End). Scene 9
For the next three weeks our new experimental performance collective, Al Límite, will be posting artistic responses to collected texts from artists from around the world, all responding to the same prompts. This week is from the section: "This is the End of.."
This piece is a song made in ONE DAY by Brad Hamers @bradhamers , captured on video by @jdaugh
The piece is inspired by the text of Alex Campbell who is currently a political prisoner at Rikers Island.
“THIS IS THE END OF... ...the early weird years.”
Music & Vocals by: Brad Hamers
The lyrics are from a poem titled, Twisted in the Cord (Delete Heard ‘round the World) from Brad’s upcoming book, The Humming Prole.
Video by: JDaugh
This is the end of... This is the continuation of... This is the beginning of...
Over the course of the next few weeks, our collective invites anyone who wishes to respond to the text with a micro-art piece of their own. Check out the link on the Al Límite page to select your favorite text from over 40 artists around the world to use in your own piece. To add to the archive, post your pieces using: #AlLímiteLiminalArchive