Brad Hamers

Art as a paradigm shifting tactic.

Through Flames 

Label: Shrine13
Format: Digital Maxi-Single/EP
Country: USA
Released: Nov. 2019
Genre: Agit-Pop, Experimental, Neo-Classical

Album Written, Played, Recorded & Produced by Brad Hamers & jdaugh
Lyrics and Vocals by Brad Hamers & jdaugh
Mixed by Brad Hamers & Adam Johnson
Mastered by Frederic Stader at MusicMattersMastering
Features Remixes by bRaincloud and Frietboer
Additional instrumentation by Drew McIntyre
Cover Art by Brad Hamers & jdaugh
Recorded at Shrine13 Studio, Portland, OR
A new project created by Brad Hamers, the prolific spoken wordsmxn, poet, musician, performance artist, collage artist and mental gymnast (Dust on Snow, Phlegm, Two Ton Sloth...) and the filmmaker, poet, musician and performance artist, jdaugh.

Through Flames is an experimental sound collaboration borne from exquisite corpses, radical participatory theatre, spoken word, indiscipline, and love.

They are often possessed by the spirits Tire Fire + Tear Gas, at odds with each other and in perfect symbiosis.

"If there is still one hellish, truly accursed thing in our time, it is our artistic dallying with forms, instead of being like victims burnt at the stake, signaling through the flames. " Antonin Artaud.

Through Flames will release their debut Full-Length album in April 2020. The Maxi-Single, "GoCopless," features two tracks off the upcoming LP, one Remix by bRaincloud (Portland, OR), two remixes by Frietboer (Netherlands) and one B-side track (feat. Drew McIntyre.)



An improvisational film created in the subconscious which sees in the reverse. What happens on arrival to this life? And is it a return? Artist and butoh dancer Cypress Atlas explores the dark matter between death and birth through butoh inspired movement against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest coast. With an original ambient soundtrack from Through Flames (jdaugh & Brad Hamers featuring Big Pauper).

We come from the earth. We drink it. We eat it. We go back in to it.

(Official Selection in North Portland Unknown Film Festival 2017)

Performance: cypress atlas
Direction: jessica daugherty, brad hamers
Camera: jessica daugherty, drew mcintyre
Editing: jessica daugherty
Music: Through Flames (Brad Hamers & jdaugh) featuring Big Pauper
Master: joni elfers

Bombs Remind Us of Freedom (preview/excerpt) from JDaugh on Vimeo.

Teaser video clip by jdaugh 2018


Last Day Deaf .COM (2020):
Beyond Boundries Playlist (aiming to feature 10 “out-of-the-box”, outstanding gems!  Not exactly unclassified, but certainly unique and uncommon)
featured Through Flames’ Bombs Remind US of Freedom as track 1 on Playlist #29.

“Welcome to the new dystopia!“


GoCopless LYRICS:

Bombs Remind US of Freedom

abbreviate outerspace
operating system
bombs remind us of freedom
these scrolls
at battle with language
the highest roof is the only one talking
what language do they speak
on your behalf
industrial thing

abbreviate outerspace
operating system
bombs remind us of freedom
puking knives
stabbing stars in the back (before they ever burned)
choking planets out, jacking their rings
putting them in holding cells, black Op-erating theatre
hyper-meta-solipcistic, deep space none
bombs remind us of freedom
what’s fleeting bursting in air

the bombs bursting in air
making yourself
language gag
violence coming out your mouth, sing your allegiance genocide of ourselves
this abandon

abbreviate outerspace
operating system
bombs remind us of freedom
mascots melee in the coloseau
language attends the masquerade
language covers its tracks
trend-genocide & death-sports Sytlin’ on you
upper-management blockades to the bank
(throwing your party-favors at the genocide)
square-box toxic theatre
bombs remind us of freedom
bombs remind us of freedom

making money off of death
each firework bought and sold
(creating borders purchases violence
violence buys borders)
lump culture
it’s not a tumor
we are the cancer
where did you come from

language is sexuality
polarity as weapon
competition between poles
kick in the goal
taught to rape and pillage on the 20 yard line

poor kid on a stormy beach

(intercom gloating)

Bad Math (Booze On Ice)

8 hours to work
3 hours to yourself

we make it ourselves
we make it ourselves

8 hours to work
3 hours to yourself

we make it ourselves
we make it ourselves

and wonder
and wonder why
and wonder why we
and wonder why we are
and wonder why we are all sick

bad math
fake happy
dead eyes