Brad Hamers

Art as a revolutionary tactic.

Dust On Snow

photo by Big Pauper
                                                         Brad Hamers               
                                            (photo by Big Pauper)


Dust On Snow is a collaborative musical project, an agitated and frothing monster created by poet, musician, performance artist and collage artist, Brad Hamers (Portland, OR) and beat-maker/producer, Frietboer (NL). On this 8 track debut EP, Brad Hamers (Phlegm, Two Ton Sloth, The New Police) provides the words and Frietboer (Frietboerism 1/5, Fiks, Fris & Dood) supplies the beats. Created back and forth over the internet (between The Netherlands and Portland, OR) in the course of a year, their debut EP, You Were Murdered As A Kid is 25 minutes of heavy, hard-hitting, head-nodding mayhem.  The Debut EP, YWMAAK was later Remastered and Released on Cassette in 2018 by Barreuh Records out of The Netherlands.  Frietboer and Brad joined forced again in 2019 with the Single release of Artax, followed with an accompanying Music Video created by jdaugh in 2020. This time Artax makes it out of the Swamp of Sadness alive!


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