Brad Hamers

Art as a paradigm shifting tactic.

Two Ton Sloth

Two Ton Sloth Loves Broadcast
Label: Token Recluse Recordings
Format: Tour CD, Digital LP
Country: USA
Released: Sept. 2007
Genre: Art-Hop, Trip-Hop, Poetry, Remix

Art by Big Pauper
Mastered by Big Pauper at the Stark St. Hit Factory (Portland, OR)
Lyrics & Vocals by Brad Hamers
Vocals Recorded by Jeremy Sherrer at Jackpot Recrordings (Portland, OR)
Produced & engineered by Big Pauper.
Broadcast appears uncourtesy of Warp Records.
In promotion of Two Ton Sloth's self-titled debut, this dropped as a promotional-only take on one of Big Pauper's (PZ) favorite bands. It was pressed in a short run of 200 and sold on the Battery Operated Martyr tour in 2007. Beats by Big Pauper (PZ) painstakingly assembled from hard to find singles & EPs before Future Crayon was released. Lyrics and Vocals by Brad Hamers. Broadcast was and still is the SHIT! RIP Trish.