Brad Hamers

Art as a paradigm shifting tactic.

Experimental Performance

Brad has also been focusing on Experimental Theatre (Agit-Prop/Radical Participatory Theatre) since 2014.  Brad has toured internationally with his performance art. He has been creating and performing with The Living Theatre (the oldest avant-garde theatre company in USA) since 2014.  He was a part of the company in the last year of the co-founder, Judith Malina’s life, when he performed in her last completed play, “No Place To Hide” on the streets of NYC. Brad also toured the US with The Living in 2016 on the Know Your Rites tour, performing a revival of The Living Theatre’s 1973 play, “Seven Meditations on Political Sado-Masochism”, while also performing direct-action street pieces at specific sites of coercion, oppression and exploitation around the USA. Brad also collaborated with The Living Theatre to collectively devise Electric Awakening (Despertar Eléctrico), which was workshopped and performed with local artists in São Paulo, Brazil in 2017 at SESC. Brad also helped produce the The Living’s Theatre’s Al Límite Tour in 2019, which brought Electric Awakening workshops/performances to Mexico City, Tijuana, Mexico and Los Angeles, CA. In 2016/2017, Brad wrote and produced music and live performances with Child of No Nation, a radical, experimental sound and performance project (with Leah V Bachar, jdaugh and Cypress Atlas). He is a co-founding member of the Al Límite Collective.  

(A clip video (preview) of some of the work with The Living Theatre - 2018 - video made by JDaugh)