Brad Hamers

Art as a paradigm shifting tactic.

Two Ton Sloth

Siphoning Dreams
Label: Token Recluse Recordings
Format: LP, Digital, Cassette
Country: USA
Released: Dec. 2009
Genre: Art-Hop, Experimental, Lo-Fi

Music by PZ (Big Pauper) & Brad Hamers
Lyrics & Vocals by Brad Hamers 
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by PZ (Big Pauper)
Art & Photos by Brad & PZ (Big Pauper)
Design by PZ (Big Pauper)

Siphoning Dreams is the 2nd official Full Length LP from Two Ton Sloth (Brad Hamers & Big Pauper). Most of the album’s songs were either written and created while practicing for their “Battery Opperated Martyr Tour” of Europe in 2007 or were created while on the road, in between shows. The songs were then refined and recorded in the year and a half after returning from Europe.  Siphoning Dreams was meant to be a prelude to the never-released Two Ton Sloth LP, Prairie Fire.
Siphoning Dreams was released as a cassette (out-of-print) and FREE digital download: 


(Video shot in Hilversum, Netherlands at lovely mister Milo’s house in 2007 while on the Battery Operated Martyr Tour. Shot by Sebastiaan Dijkstra)

(Video shot on a balcony in The Netherlands by Sebastiaan Dijkstra during TTS’s Battery Operated Martyr Tour of 2007)

(Brad performing TTS’ Bullets Thru Water - Live in London on the Beyond My Means Tour w/ Big Pauper - 2011 - video by Big Pauper)

(photo taken at a show in Bremen, Germany on Two Ton Sloth’s 2007 Battery Operated Martyr Tour)



“If slam poetry was a religion, Brad Hamers (along with Saul Williams, for obvious reasons) would be its God. I kid you not. His stuff is AMAZING. Has hip-hop ever made you cry? no? well, Brad Hamers will. Not because he’s evil, but because he’s so, so wonderful.”