Brad Hamers

Art as a paradigm shifting tactic.

 Nov. 30, 2020

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Brad Hamers

The Humming Prole
Publisher: Shrine13
ISBN: 978-1-7356851-0-6
Format: Perfect-bound Paperback BOOK (Handmade) 
Country: USA
Released: Nov. 30, 2020
Genre:  Poetry


The Humming Prole is perpetually hanging wet laundry on lunch hour between two buildings. The year is Always.
Written to survive. The Long Brainwash.  Rinse Twice before Dream.

Snapshots of a Popular Sickness eating itself (in the mirror).
The slow-motion Anxiety of wage-slavery in dress Code.

Double XL intuition, sagging without a belt. 
The loudest voice in a vacuum, pulling back the rug.

(Undressing emperors with Words)

Written from the Turning Gut of the Bureaucratic Beast brought to its knees picking up Change.
The feeling’s been there for years.
The feeling’s been there for years.
Knew before knowing how to say it.
Then said it in as many ways possible.

To draw a room of the feeling.
To write right next to the point, to just suggest one’s mind’s eye towards something but always allow them to find it themselves. No wrong answers, no stupid questions.

The Humming Prole is a cigarette break, without a phone. 
A way home, to repeat tomorrow (and see something new).
The Humming Prole is part rant, part deep breath.
An uphill swimming pool.

A room filled only with Tools to Break Out.

The Humming Prole by Brad Hamers
An introduction by jdaugh

Meta4etry was the first book published by Brad Hamers in the year 2000. While it is the author's least favorite offering, its title might be the most apt and illuminating description of the writing you are about to consume. The communiques of Brad Hamers break from patterns of modern language in that they refuse the flag and staff of English rules or fad. He confiscates the rules of the language and breaks them to use as weapon. These poems are the washrag and loofa for the caged up soul. Some are the castille, some are the steel wool and 20 grit. This collection spans nearly 15 years of writing; a selection of poems that feeds the humming prole, but only makes them louder. Read it loud aloud.


The Humming Prole is Brad’s 3rd full book of poetry to be published, his first full book in 17 years, since the 2003 release of Leather Raincoats (+18 other titles). The Humming Prole is 60 poems and over 130 pages. Each copy is Handmade by Brad, perfect-bound with a homemade book-binding jig (video below).


Bindng The Humming Prole - Video by jdaugh

Cruise Ship Sam’s Cult from The Humming Prole - Video by jdaugh: