Brad Hamers

Art as a paradigm shifting tactic.

Dust On Snow

8 poems from The Humming Prole
Label: Shrine13
Format: Cassette, Digital EP, Video Poems
Country: USA
Released: July 2021
Genre: Poetry

Dust On Snow: Brad Hamers & Frietboer
Poetry & Vocals by Brad Hamers
Poems from the book: The Humming Prole by Brad Hamers
Sound Design by Frietboer
Piano (on trk 8) by Joris Bax
Album Art by Brad Hamers
Video Collages by jdaugh & Brad Hamers
To Download for free & To Purchase the CASSETTE (limited run of 50) CLICK HERE 

Frietboer chose a handful of poems from Brad’s recently published book and asked him to record himself reading them. Brad then sent Frietboer the acappellas and Frietboer created sound design for each piece.

Leading up to the release Shrine13 dropped 2 tracks and 2 accompanying Video Collages made by JDaugh and Brad Hamers every Friday, starting June 25th thru July 16.  Check them out below: 

Video Collages by JDaugh & Brad Hamers: