Brad Hamers

Art as a paradigm shifting tactic.

Child of No Nation

La Pánica
Label: Shrine13
Format: Digital LP
Released April 10, 2021
Genre: Agit-Pop, Experimental

Album Written & Performed by: Leah Bachar, jdaugh, Brad Hamers
Lyrics by: Leah Bachar
Vocals by: Leah Bachar, jdaugh, Brad Hamers
Music by: Brad Hamers, jdaugh
Recorded & Produced by: Brad Hamers
Mixed by: Brad Hamers
Mastered by: Fabrizio Durant
Album Image: Dani Gros
Design: Domi Sowell

Shrine13 presents Child of No Nation’s second release, “La Pánica,” an album of radical lullabies that explore the panic effect on the psyche. Using warped lap steel, experimental vocals, and found sounds, CNN excavates the relationship between panic and power.

The album is a surreal commentary on virtual occupation via theatrical storytelling by the entity, La Panica. Embracing their panic as power, CNN emerges from the information stronghold where our senses are currently locked through audio and video revolt.

In their live performance art, CNN collaborates with and celebrates the fluxus nature of society. Their live audio revolts are sound collage turned up. This agit-pop project has many faces and many lives as CNN continues to re-contextualize and revolt each track every time they perform live. Nothing is meant to stay the same. This is not music.

We decided to release on Saturday April 10th to honor the death day of our deep muse and Patron Saint Judith Malina, who is still revolting with us every day. You’ll hear her voice and many others on this experimental record.

Music Video directed, filmed and edited by Dani Gros