Brad Hamers

Art as a paradigm shifting tactic.

Two Ton Sloth

(photo by Adam Vanderpool 2006)

(photo by Big Pauper)

(photo by Big Pauper)

Two Ton Sloth is a collaboration between Brad Hamers and Drew McIntyre (Big Pauper) (formerly known as PZ).
Brad and Drew met in the early 2000’s at a show they were both booked to play in Troy, NY.  DJ PZ was the opening set that night and he played an original piece that sampled Brad’s vocals from the first track on the Phlegm LP.  It was love at first listen and all history from there. They began working on the collabortive Two Ton Sloth projects in 2005 after the release of Brad’s solo LP, The Cut-Ups of a Paper Woman. As Two Ton Sloth, Brad and Drew toured Europe a number of times and released 2 Full Length Studio Albums, 1 Seven Inch Vinyl Record Single, 1 Tour CD  and a Series of One-Of-A-Kind Art/Poetry booklets.  MTV called Two Ton Sloth “terrifying”.
Drew’s Bio:
Drew McIntyre (Portland, OR) is a video artist, musician and all around mad scientist operating under the moniker Big Pauper.
Drew’s work utilizes a treasure trove of self modified electronics and mixed/found media. Drew also makes custom glitch video art tools as Big Pauper Modified Circuitry  & sound art instruments within the design collective Folktek.
Big Pauper (formerly known as Panzah Zandahz) is also an acclaimed mash-up artist, electronic/psychedelic hip hop producer, circuit bent visual artist and founder of the abstract hip-hop label Token Recluse Recordings.
Big Pauper was born in the Mountains of northern New Hampshire where he was raised by wolves and educated by fascists with a sick sad nationalist agenda. Any attempt to express himself creatively was thwarted by the conservative and backwards thinking of the art-hating tyrants who forced long division down his throat. It was at this time that Pauper went in to hiding under a staircase with a Casio keyboard and a little ghettoblaster recording his first albums under the name Squidmaster: The First Master of Rap & Vitamin X (Age 8-10). Pauper credits his Gemini Belt Drive turntables and Lineartech mixer (a christmas gift at age 12 from loving wolf parents) as being the liberation army that freed him from the psychic wasteland of northern new hampshire. After relocating to Upstate New York in 2000 Pauper established himself as "Panzah Zandahz," a hungry force within the Albany hip hop scene. It is here that Pauper scornfully thumbed his nose at his past oppressors and went on to obtain the title of "Best DJ Upstate NY 2004" (Metroland weekly), found the instrumental hip hop label Token Recluse and find himself selected to attend the Red Bull Music Academy in Rome, Italy alongside Cut Chemist, Bernard Purdie & Senior Coconut (2004).
Under Token Recluse "Panzah Zandahz" released an assortment of DJ break records, singles and unauthorized remix albums including the over hyped and now-very-dated internet smash hit "Me & THIS Army: Radiohead Remixed & Mashed Up by PZ" (2005) which was downloaded an estimated 3 million times. After an unauthorized remix tribute to his long-time hero, Beck Hanson, "Panzah Zandahz" moved away from the mash-up scene and in to a collaborative project with NY based spoken word artist Brad Hamers as the production half of "Two Ton Sloth" (2007).
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